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has anyone though about this topic?like really REALLY THOUGH about it?
because there is one thing i would like to know,how does emperor palpatine trick the clones into order 66?
like do the clones know about ,and the order was emplanted in their mind during growth.and if they did,how did obi wan and all the other jedi not sense it?or was it like "(emperor palpatine speaking) now listen you pathic fools,the jedi are traders to the republic,and you will gain their trust, then when i give the command,you will kill them.all of them." or is there some thing else going on and i'm just really clueless and dumb enogh to figure it out
There is no "trick" per se. Every military is obliged to carry out the orders of the legally appointed government. Whether a solider has this thought "implanted" during growth or is simply conditioned through training, the result is largely the same. It's simply a soldier's code - they must obey lawfully issued commands no matter if they agree with them or not. In Star Wars, the clone army was specifically bred to be even more obedient than your average soldier, thus making the command structure more effective from a "speed of execution" standpoint.
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Sith are evil.