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I'd put it down to the Jedi not thinking, not realising and not being aware of all the events conspiring around them. They let their guards down on a number of occasions and believing that it was in the interests of defending the republic allowed the clones to continue on without challenging the methods being used to train them or what they were being taught. The Jedi seemed to be quite naive and too trusting then all their focus was on the war effort in order to try and protect the republic without really questioning everything else that was going on.

They were taught all these orders before leaving the cloning facilities. When they left the facilities they were the perfect soldiers who would follow orders and obey their command structure. At the start they were taught to obey the Jedi so why would the Jedi really question things when these trrops are following their orders. Then out of nowhere the Jedi were completely caught off guard when Order 66 was given. The Jedi never planned on such a thing ever happening probably because they never thought such a thing could happen. That was their downfall and Palpatine took advantage of the Jedi at every stage throughout his (no doubt) many many years of planning for this day.