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The developers said during beta that adding chat bubbles for spatial chat was a high priority feature for launch. I am baffled as to why they haven't delivered.
Perhaps because most people didn't want chat bubbles?? As part of the beta, I am sure you saw a number of the countless polls that all showed the majority of the people didn't want them.. I know I did and I was in the beta.. Oh.. No the developers did not say that..

For the most part the RP crowd and or the SWG crowd want them.. Other than that they are deemed as a being an annoyance and harmful to emmersion..

I personally don't care.. As long as their is an option to completely turn them off.. But then the ability to turn them off kinda defeats the purpose of having them.. I have no issue if they are added for the RP crowd.. Again, we need a means to turn them off completely for everyone else.. I don't want to walk through my capital planet or my fleet station and see a comic strip of people talking.. In either case.. I don't see them as a priority..

You all should learn to use regular chat.. It is a wonderfull thing..
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