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Bioware, thank you for making some challenging instances and heroics. Thank you for overhearing cries about these bosses being too hard. Im not trying to imply that you should not make the game easier (sarcasm intended), but for once im so happy to actually have a challenge.

People complaining about this being too hard, go play elsewhere. Im happy to face some challenges. I've played healer and DPS before, but this time i took up the role as tank.
This is at some points insanely difficult, and i couldn't be happier about it. The fact that it really is a challenge makes the loot so much better.

I have been in instances with some, lets say, "less gifted individuals" but thats part of assembling a team, that there a chance you'll end up with a dps who thinks it's okay if he keeps attacking the boss while everyone else are trying to take down the adds.

Does the bosses last too long? well, i gues thats becaus they are BOSSES theyre supposed to be friggin hard. theyre supposed to deal tons of damage and have way too many hitpoints! i know the trend is that everything should be able to be killed with a single swing of a lightsaber, but wheres the challenge in that. I like the fact that sometimes i have to fight 20 weak mobs at a time, which is hard, and other times i have to kill one elite super mob.

Bring on the challenges! May the force be with you BioWare!
Swing and a miss.
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