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You're overthinking it. It wasn't some grand-darkside turning point for luke. And again, you're also dramatizing the possible damage done by a slip-up moment in regards to force kharma (as in lightside-darkside balance).

A single dark-willed act alone never sufficed to make a Jedi a Sith, or darksider. Take any of the Expanded Universe material for example, plenty of Jedi there that slipped up and yet managed to stay ontop. Also, Yoda didn't train Luke properly. a Jedi's training spans over decades, and most padawans aren't appointed knights up until their late tweens. Yoda had to compress those decades of training into a few puny months. It's also why he clearly stated that Luke was no Jedi yet and would not be until passing his final trial (Which you can actually read up on Wikipedia, Jedi trials, featuring several important key points that a Jedi had to go through in order to be recognized as one.)

Either way, why is this so important to you? Perfect characters are boring and it was this exact thrill of near-tainting in Luke that made the moment memorable. Let's not forget, he didn't commit a darkside act in itself. He was 'fighting' a darksider, he won, and stopped before killing him. all in all that's positive, not negative on kharmic scale.

Also, If you think that something like this makes him darksided, tainted or whatnot. Go read up on Mace Windu and his Lightsaber style Vapaad. He was constantly flirting with the darkside and still managed to remain a peon of light and head of the Jedi council for decades to come, until the fall of the republic.