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It's not that I do not understand. Repeating what happended but in MORE DETAIL..still doesn't wash away the fact in that moment. In the very moment he ATTACKED his Father, using pure emotions only through WINNING the fight did he stop and see what he had become yes.

Let's say he did not win the fight. Would he allowed the dark side to seduced him into a full dark Jedi? I think it's not fair to say I'm not listening to what the others are telling me. But IGNORING at the same time that he did use his emotions only to say in the same breath. "He learned from it"

If he was such a great Jedi like his Master, then he wouldn't have been seduced by the Dark Side at all. Only THROUGH the Dark Side did he defeat his Father. That's the point I am trying to make. He did NOT use his Jedi tricks. At the point he attacked his Father. He was hyped on full rage.

Despite learning from it later.

In that moment, he only won true victory using his emotions. My argument is could he have done this as a Jedi? It's not fair to say "Oh he learned from it" he should never have been seduced by the dark side at all. He was trained by Yoda to not let that penetrate his mind.

Let's wash away the whole he learned from it. Fact is he used his emotions to fight his Father. He allowed his Father to provoke him and the Emperor. If he wouldn't have won that fight he would "Never have learned not to follow that path"..does that make sense.

You cannot exactly have him squeaky clean image. Just like the Jedi in "Revenge of the Sith" was about to kill the Emperor. Jedi are not supposed to use anger. My argument still stands despite what he learned later as a Jedi he NEVER should have allowed the dark side overcome him, but not only did he let it. He used it's power.
But that isn't what you were originally asking. My response addressed the points in your original post:
1. Yes, he faltered initially and drew on the dark side to try and attack the Emperor. But he backed away from it.
2. Yes, he attacked Vader in a rage and yes, he defeated him using the power of his emotions.
3. He stopped himself. He renounced that darkness and walked away from it. He failed to succumb in the end. And that is why the Emperor wasn't jumping with glee in the end. His laughter stopped because he SAW that Luke couldn't be turned. That the falter, even though it won the fight, was not going to dominate Luke's destiny.

Luke walked into the fire, he got burned, but he came out whole.