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Given that this game is very story based (thanks Bioware) and has awesome mechanics that promote RP even with NPCs I've been wanting to make a character that "fits" and I can't even get past naming.

I have a Smuggler from my trial and for him I just used a Norse name like I always have. The thing is, I'm out of fantasy land here. I've been reading wikis and googling but I can't seem to find anything solid. Am I just overlooking the obvious. The most complete information I can find is the whole "take the beginning of X jam it in with the end of Y, put Darth in front of it." PROFIT. Is this all we have to go by?

I guess I am being a little picky, I'm just overly paranoid that a name will be fine now, but I'll grow to hate it later...

Beyond that I was going to try and make a character that has personality. I'm probably not going to do any hardcore RP anytime soon, but I did roll on an RP server and I was hoping to get some immersion out of this game. Given past Bioware titles that I've played, I think (and hope) this is possible. I just have no idea where to start with this whole lore thing. When I was playing LOTRO I was well versed in the lore, here, not so much. I picked up KOTOR during the Steam summer sale, so that may help. Are there certain races/classes that make it a bit easier. Part of me wants to avoid Jedi/Sith and play a more "common" trooper or something. Human is usually the default race in the regard, but I kind of want to do something more exotic, haven't decided yet. I guess I'll just keep an eye out and see what t he balance looks like on my server, if it needs more humans or not.

Other than that, I'm pretty clueless. Don't suppose the movies will help me here, them being after this and all...