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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 15: In which two veterans catch up

Time period: After Andronikos Revel comes aboard the Helicarrier
And I am totally finding him more amusing than live Quinn, even if live Quinn makes Nalenne happy
Maybe I'll just kill the weasel again

Andronikos stopped by the cargo bay. Broonmark stood alone at the workbench, processing the day’s haul of biochemical samples.

“So Hoth,” Andronikos said after a while. “I worked there, back in the day. Saw a lot of Talz units come and go under their deal with the Republic.”

“This is so,” said Broonmark.

“Never thought I’d hear the language again once I left. Interesting times, Hoth. White Maw, all that. Fun crew.”

“White Maw are vultures and honorless thieves. Their blood was sweet.”

“Vultures, honorless thieves, and a very fun crew. I know one White Maw sub-gang that never lost to the likes of you,” added Andronikos, “and that’s the one I ran with, about ten years back. Were you in the neighborhood of Dorn Base then?”

“The Little Maw you speak of stole many of our kills.”

The pirate chuckled maliciously. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess we did.”

Broonmark set down his tools and swiveled to face Andronikos. “Now clan spitfire seeks trouble again.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am.”

Broonmark inclined his head. “We will oblige.”

Several minutes later, the sustained furious blaster fire and clattering from the cargo hold dragged Nalenne out of her comic book. She came to the door to see Broonmark grappling furiously with Andronikos in the midst of a small explosion of toppled and broken storage boxes. At the moment Broonmark was gripping both of Andronikos’ arms and forcing the pirate slowly to the ground.

“Andronikos!” cried Nalenne.

“I’m fine,” he grunted, “no worries,” and slipped one hand free to grab the blaster from his other, pinned hand and fire on Broonmark’s torso. “I got this.”

The Talz twisted and slapped at Andronikos’ hand, sending the pirate’s shot astray.

“You don’t ‘got’ killing my Talz!” said Nalenne.

“Lightning clan spitfire cannot threaten us,” clucked Broonmark, slamming Andronikos’ legs out from under him and putting a huge hand to the pirate’s face to force his head back to the ground.

“Don’t kill him, Broonmark.”

“What’s with the referee?” growled Andronikos, placing a precise kick to a nerve in Broonmark’s leg and slithering away to draw a vibroknife and recover a blaster. He flicked the knife to keening life and started circling while Broonmark twisted and shifted, trying to keep his defenses up while he recovered his footing.

“I have very strict rules about killing my crew,” said Nalenne.

“Oh, yeah, Nalenne, you’re famous for that.” Andronikos let off a flurry of blaster bolts. Only two of them hit the charging Talz before Broonmark slammed Andronikos off his feet again.

“Sith clan not to worry,” panted Broonmark, grappling in an effort to bring his superior strength to bear against the lithe Andronikos. “Lightning clan spitfire will fall soon enough.”

“You two…just…okay. Have fun. Winner cleans up the blood.”

Andronikos spared her a disgusted look. “That’s just basic manners. What kinda houseguest you think I am, anyway?”

“Dead houseguest,” said Broonmark.

Some time later Andronikos staggered through the holo room on the way to the medbay. Once he had a medpac out he limped over to the reading nook and plunked down on the leather couch opposite Nalenne.

“He’ll live,” said the pirate. “Because I like you.”

“You all right?” said Nalenne.

“Oh, yeah. Good workout.”

“Yeah, he’s learned a lot since the last time I personally had to beat him up. I’m proud of him.”

“You should be.” Andronikos sealed the last major leg wound and tugged his shirt collar open to get to the next worst of his injuries. “I’ll take care of the mess once I’m done patching up.”

“Nah, don’t sweat it. I’ll have 2V clean up.”

“Nice. Thanks.”

“What was that all about, anyway?”

“Eh, I was bored. Talz are jerks. He was up for it.”

“Fair enough. It’s good to see you boys having fun.”
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