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I'm playing back the movie where Luke Skywalker finally faces his Father. I'm re-looking at the entire clip. During it the Emperor taunts him and says

"Use your light saber and strike my down" Luke then try's to do just just. Darth Vader whips out his light saber just in time to block the attack. In which the Emperor laughs

-Wasn't Luke driven by his emotions anger. Striking down an unarmed man was not the Jedi way. Yet he tried to grab his light saber to do just that-

Second Example

When Darth Vader searches around the room for Luke. He say's "If you cannot be turned to the dark side maybe she will" then Luke surprises Vadar unleashes a fury of attacks knocking him down to the ground.

-That right there second example. He was concealed hiding untill then. Then he heard about his sister provoked by his emotions and used his light saber to beat his Father into submission. IMO he was driven by anger not peace. He was provoked, going on the offensive not the defensive.

Final Thought.

In his final battle with Darth Vadar would it be fair to say Luke used his anger/emotions AKA the dark side of the force to defeat his Father? sure his emotions worn down when he saw his dad was dying. Yet he didn't look like a person in control. He looked like he was driven by hate/anger those are sith traits.