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Duod it with me as sorc and my friend as marauder. Both specced to DPS and we both had the annoying robot that spams EXCELLENT! all day out. It would appear that when you have cleanse on auto-cast on them, they remove it pretty much instantly, usually.. Not always reliable, they stopped cleansing it at some points at random. Also have to turn off auto-cast on the cast-time heal so that they don't sit around doing that when the fires come. Fairly straightforward fight. The beast was more difficult since we had no way to AoE the adds. Tons of incoming damage and KB/Fear interrupted heals so many times at really inconvenient times.

You sure about that? Considering how he has "Unshakeable" buff on himself which makes him immune to interrupts. Neither my jolt nor my marauder friends interrupt did anything to his abilities. Tried repeatedly.
You know what, you're right. I was confusing him with the champion level guys you fight right before him.