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Let me start by saying that I love the dungeon finder. It has added more of an "instant action" feel to the game and allows easy access to FPs and even Ops...but at the same time I hate the system so much. I regularly queue as a healer Op with my Jugg tank friend for hard modes, so the only thing we need are two "competent" DPS people. Oh boy are they so hard to find. My ignore list is full of quite a few names, not because they couldn't crank out the numbers but simply because they insulted me and blamed me for hitting the enrage timers "*** healer?" "omg no heals?" .

Add to that them refusing to accept the fact that the reason we hit enrage timers on 20% is because the DPS is not there...hell someone even called me a crappy tank, pointed out I was the healer they then simply called me a crappy healer. /facepalm

I give people chances, explain the tactics for anyone who is new but it just seems like nobody listens. I guess in a way another reason I enjoy the dungeon finder is that it lets me know who the "bads" are and I can safely put them in my ignore list.

TLDR: DPS only have to do damage and maybe one CC while not standing in that so hard compared to tanking and healing?
i have to agree with you some what on this.

usually i do hms with only my guildies. but as more are reaching 50 i am doing more and more partial guild groups and pugs with my geared out toons for the bh coms. this allows more guildies to do select runs that they can COMPLETE for gear. that being said we have run into a few dps recently that are rather mindlessly running ahead, aoeing everything , not ccing, breaking cc, not using any deagro abilities and not healing them self after a encounter.

all i can say is just thank god dps meters work the way they do now and not like they do in other games. this problem would only be worse if they did.