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07.16.2012 , 01:45 PM | #9
2) In my opinion, Marauder's damage is in the right place for all the 3 specs in PvP. It probably is one of the few classes in the game which requires an averagely high skill cap to be completely effective and rewards that skill cap with great damage. It also has a lot of utility which makes it really wanted in rated groups.

What I think is wrong right now with Marauders are the defensive CDs. They could be just fine if the other DPS classes had anything remotely similar to it, but alas, they do not. Marauders right now can dish very competitive damage and are the sturdiest non-tank class in the game (debatabily just as sturdy, if not more) thanks to Cloak of Pain. Having also other defensive abilities like Force Camouflage, Saber Ward and Undying Rage makes fighting a Marauder very unnerving for most other classes.
Mindlessly nerfing CoP might result in worse things than good ones, a fix could be to reduce the uptime to a max of 20 seconds.

Undying Rage is also too strong right now, it's unsure what the design of it is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be a skill you use to deal 5 seconds more of damage before dying? Is it supposed to be an Out-Of-Death card you use to have a healer heal you up to max after you use it? Right now it does both which is too strong in competitive play. If it should be used for the first thing, it needs a 90-50% heal reduction, if it needs to be used as another survivability cooldown it needs a 50% damage dealt reduction.

Carnage needs to lose the 30% faster Predation, which you will either give baseline or to no other spec. It makes having at least one Marauder in the group mandatory for its sheer importance at the start of a warzone, Carnage already has its roots as utility compared to the other specs. Annihilation needs some sort of dispel protection, maybe one similar to Lethality Agents. Annihilate cooldown reduction needs retooling, it currently is impossible to get more than one stack in any kind of serious PvP. Maybe having it be reduced by 1 second for each damage over time you have on the target? That makes the dispel protection similar to Agents have sense. I don't play Rage much but I seriously think that it needs a complete overhaul. Making it a spec that is simply there to crit for 6k every 12 seconds AoE doesn't make for a very compelling spec.