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1. How do you think your Powertech spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Coming from a Shieldtech's perspective:

1. In PvE I feel as though Sith tanks seem envious of my survivability. Other classes seem to have low expectations of the spec, but often I hear my groups say, "Finally, someone who knows how to BH tank." In PvP, I seem to be treated as a nuisance as I am best suited for harassing the enemy, with my taunts almost magically drawing their attention.

2. I perceive my spec as a versatile defense machine with unprecedented ranged utilities compared to other tanks. I boast impressive mobility being able to switch between a ranged assault and a melee fist fight on the go. If my tools are well managed, I have an answer to most situations.

(Also, I what I'd like more than a blaster rifle, is a way to mount my pistol on my wrist, and free my fingers up to flip the enemy a double bird)
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