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07.16.2012 , 01:34 PM | #8
I play marksman mostly, for the burst in some situations in PvE or quick kill in PvP, after 1.3 i use lethality more often then before - it has more overall damage (like +200 dps). I'll describe marksman spec:

1. MM spec is not easily recognized by enemies since you stay quite away from them. If they figure out what's killing them - they begin to hunt us hard or avoid us altogether. They eventually succeed and lose interest for some time, then the cycle repeats or they stay on us until the very end of the match. Allies don't think much of this spec, it's very hard to notice even by teammates.

2. It's a random roll - you either hit for some 5-6k or receive an "absorb" notification and die soon after. Seeing how Bounty Hunters ignores most of the armor with their attacks i can't understand why we don't. Almost no defensive abilities, no reliable way to slow down an opponent that is running away - LoS is an issue, it's reducing the usefulness of the spec to zero.