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1. How do you think your Gunslinger spec is perceived by other classes?
Answ: I think most other specs view Gunslingers and in particular Sharpshooters as sitting ducks. A Sharpshooter has to remain in cover to do any major damage and half of that time you are being stunned or knocked back. The Saboteur build is much more respected now in PvP and I become a target most of the time and still end up on top.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
Answ: I played Sharpshooter for quite a while, but found it way too susceptible to damage in PvP so I switched to Saboteur. I enjoy the nice long term damage aspect as well as survivability due to the great shielding the spec provides. The key is knowing how to best optimize your abilities in various situations. I do think the end-game gear is poorly speced for any Gunslinger especially Campaign gear. The stats do not seem correct and are often downgrades from Black Hole gear.