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07.16.2012 , 12:52 PM | #8
Play a Sawbones. Lv 46

1) From what I've seen on my main, If a Sawbones healer is in group and they don't know how to p[lay it, they can't keep tank alive very well when under intensive fire. I haven't had an issue like that from my leveling but it seems like this is a class that for PVE, you need to know the class. However, seeing as this games leveling and most of its End Game content have been pretty under whelming, having a class where you have to think as you perform your rotation and not just face roll is refreshing.

2) I love healing, it's interesting and fun, never dull unless you have an OP tank that doesn't take any damage. Smuggle is nice to skip through FPs, especially in HMs where you just want your daily and get out. When it come to leveling though, it has slowed drastically since Corso's harpoon went away. In order to conserve my energy and not blow CD's on every fight while I'm questing, i have to use melee attacks which means running into the group of mobs. Smugglers need a gap closer to bring us to the mobs or at least give Corso back his harpoon so he can tank the group and you can beat the crap out of the mob he pulls. Oh, and AOE heals are WEAK.