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07.16.2012 , 12:48 PM | #10
I don't PVP so these are pure PVE comments.

1. I believe a lot of people see the Sorcerer as the best healer in PVE, there was a huge discussion about this in general chat on the fleet one evening and a lot of people seemed to be under the impression that the Sorcerer was the best PVE healer and that the Operative was the best PVP healer.

2. I believe that the Sorcerer has the best aoe healing and probably the second best single target healing not far behind the Operative. We do however lack a lifesaving ability that can be used when someone is about to die except for the Static Barrier, may i propose a change to Recklessness perhaps from the healing skill tree that only makes it work on one skill instead of two but also makes the next skill activate without a casting time.