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Gunslinger Marksman

1. How do you think your Gunslinger spec is perceived by other classes?

Immobile but highly damaging. I think that the cover mechanic still has some perception as difficult to use and unwieldy at times and this would not necessarily be incorrect. I think ranged DPS holds more premium than most melee DPS in much of the most recent content (Lost Island, Explosive Contact). For PvP, I think we are often misconstrued as an easy kill do to a higher barrier into truly effective play than some classes.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Possibly among the most balanced specs in the game. What we make up for in ranged burst, we pay in a lot of areas. It is difficult spec to play well, because many players do not always use their in and out of cover bonuses (like Ballistic Dampers) to their advantage. But when the mechanics open to us are clear, we can do a lot of damage. Yet, it our capabilities never seem completely unfair. Our burst is offset by cast times and the need for set up. Although I will say that some of the recent additions to our damage output never seemed overly pressing on my mind. The spec already had a lot of stopping power.
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