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1. How do you think your Operative spec is perceived by other classes?
  • Heal spec - Considered one of the best in PVP
  • DPS spec - Considered mediocre to laughable in both PVP and PVE

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2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I started out with the Concealment spec as I wanted to try out a DPS character. I was disappointed with the actual damage put out by the character. It seemed like I would need to spec all the way to Acid Blade to get some good numbers out, but the general consensus I read on the forums was that Operatives weren't the best DPS option anyway. My first character was a Jedi Sage (Seer) so I went fell back on what was familiar and switched to the heal spec.

I'm definitely enjoying the heal spec. It's offers a lot more mobility than the Seer as I have more abilities that I can cast on the run. The extra mobility and two additional defensive CDs make survivalibility better. The healing output isn't as good as the Seer, but having Shield Probe costing no energy and procing TA makes the spec viable.