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07.16.2012 , 12:33 PM | #10
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1) I think this spec is perceived as a capable tank in PvE and PvP. Some people know that this is a strong 1v1 spec in PvP (with mostly DPS gear), but this spec might be best known for being a great Huttball carrier.

2) I think this spec is great in PvE. I also like this spec in unranked PvP. However, in ranked PvP, I feel like my lower DPS (relative to Assassins) may be a liability.


1) This is percieved as a weak spec in PvE. On the other hand, it's considered overpowered by many in PvP as a result of the massive Smash hits.

2) I think it's a decent spec in PvP (haven't played it in PvE since 1.2), but the bottom of the tree still forces you to spend points in virtually worthless skills (Vicious Slash, Force Choke pushback, ect.)