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07.16.2012 , 12:26 PM | #9
First off, I've played as all 3 specs since June beta of last year so I feel I should be able to comment on all 3. That said, I'm currently playing as Pyro spec 3/7/31.

1-No matter the dps spec we're usually considered a non threat and even as pyro spec we're called Tracer spammers for some idiotic reason. Easily replaced by another ranged DPS, particulary a Pyro Powertech.

2-As Pyro we can do fairly well but not without it's faults that are inherent to the AC itself. Being the most mobile of the 3 specs means we can break LOS a lot easier to escape incoming damage. Even then, I think we lack the defenses/utility to compete with classes like Powertechs, Marauders, and Snipers who all can do much better DPS with some added functionality within a group. Needs an escape mechanic.

1-Excellent heals and survivability but easily replaced with Op or Sorc healer due to mobility/utility issues.

2-Same as above. Energy Shield is a bit OP when combined with Power Shield and 2 piece gear set, with a guard it is basically godmode. Lack of utility or escape mechanic.

1-Generally considered the laughing stock of Mercenary. Easily shut down in PvP.

2-Same as above. Even when I play my Pyro I gun for Arsenal/Gunnery specs as they are by far easily killed. When I play my Assassin or Marauder I can basically guarantee myself an easy solo kill against them. The spec needs a drastic overhaul from it's current state by making Tracer Missile less of a central attack source for so many buffs/debuffs.