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I am going to preface my answers by saying I ONLY PvP. Aside from the occasional hardmode, I dont do any raiding.

1. How do you think your Sniper spec is perceived by other classes?
I feel that snipers are feared by the oposing team if left alone, but they know they are generally easily shut down if focused. A good team will focus a sniper and keep them sitting in the reswawn pit more than anything.Some kind of an escape would be a huge help for staying alive.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I have run two of the sniper Specs for quite some time, MM and Lethality. What makes me sad is after playing MM for about 3 months, I finally realized I had to give it up. Despite recent buffs and my true love for the spec, it just isnt competitive compared to lethality. This is largely because of damage mitigation just destroying the white damage put out by this spec. Lethality is amazingly good, but at the same time I find it boring to do the same set up and Cull over and over and over. MM Feels like a real sniper, but until the damage is tech, or something else is changed I dont believe it will be viable at a high level.
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