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I'll answer for two specs, since I play them both with optimized and augmented War Hero gear, Ranked and Solo queue.


1. Best PvP healing class in the game. High mobility, strong instant heals and vanish at will. People are annoyed at the sub 30% heal spam and would prefer if the heal was stronger but couldn't be spammed for free.

2. In contrast to public perception, HoTs and instant heal will not keep someone alive under incoming fire from more than one enemy, casted heal is necessary. Vanish has a long cooldown, but with Guard there's less need to use it so it's fine with 3 minutes.


1. Perceived as the most annoying class because you can come out of stealth and "kill within seconds"; people who know the class know this is impossible and it's a nightmare to get into Ranked because the DPS isn't high enough to justify the complete lack of utility and most classes can eat the burst opener and be fine.

2. I always feel pretty unimpressed by the damage that comes out of Shoot First because the restrictions on it would have you believe it's far more powerful than it is. Give it much higher damage and keep the rest the same or give us an extra knockdown/short stun or give us a shorter CD Vanish/second temporary Vanish and the class is fine.

The defining abilities for each spec should not be a joke.
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