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I play combat for my rated team, watchman if I ever solo queue, and don't really mess with focus.

1) Regardless of my spec I think the general PvP community considers Sentinels to be OP, but I also think that the majority of players don't know the difference between which spec they're facing and assume all Sentinels are 31/31/31. The higher end PvP community (high rated players - fellow 2400 teams etc) know how to properly shut the class down / use CC to its full potential / use swaps to get us to blow defensive CC's then swap back off, etc. We are a strong class that brings a lot of utility / damage to any team - but I feel like perceptions will be entirely based off the level of players both playing the class and facing the class.

2) I perceive Watchman as being extremely durable and hard to bring down. Capable of 1v3'ing undergeared players and really putting up a good fight in 1v2 situations against strong players. Team utility wise, it doesn't bring much to the table in a rated environment, but that's the tradeoff of the spec: less utility, better survivability. I'd almost argue that the survivability is a little too high, but I feel like that issue only really sticks out in non ranked Warzones (for various reasons).

Combat is extremely useful in a competitive / team play environment - the burst is great, but easily shut down by well coordinated groups (which is fine in my opinion, the more a team is focusing on shutting me down the less they're doing other things, opening my team mates up to basically mirror those tactics, etc). The survivability is lower than Watchman obviously, but definitely still strong with good cool down usage. All in all I think Combat is in a pretty good place, barring a couple of known bugs (Opportune strike doesn't appropriately apply the 10% damage bonus to the next focus spender, as well as Saber Storm not correctly applying the 30% bonus damage to Ataru Form procs (the latter of which hasn't been commented on at all by developers, but the former was recently added to the known issues list)).
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