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07.16.2012 , 11:43 AM | #8
1) Like others I feel like we are perceived as the weakest tank. Overgeared for a fight, I still have had healers complain that I was too squishy. (i.e. the offtank on Kephess.)

2) I think Jugg tanks work well for highly skilled players (maybe personal conceit) but that the margin for error is extremely slim. If I don't do my taunts just right or abilities just right I can completely screw up a spread out group of mobs. Also have trouble with agro when paired with well geared DPS if my "rotation" isn't exceptionally tight.

Addendum for 1 - PVE DPS - I think others also perceive us as weak, and there are fights where being melee is a liability. If you are a liability and "weak" you aren't wanted.