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1- Perception of my class/spec from others

To keep this short. We are viewed as overpowered by the majority of the community especially after the damage reduction to Mercs and Commandos in patch 1.2. Currently all 3 specs are viable in solo and ranked warzones in there own ways. However Ravage seems to be the major cry from the community that with all crits it can hit anywhere from 5k to upwards of 12k, that and this skill is viable in any spec or skill set.
With defensive CDs though we become next to unkillable between CoP and Saber Ward and then force camo(hit and run) and of course Undying. But in ranked warzones it actually becomes a team effort to control the Marauder/Sentinal so he is not wreaking havoc on the medium and light armors on your team.

2 - Perception of my Class/Spec from myself

I dont like rage it is too predictable and too easily avoidable in my eyes. I played Annihilation all the way from day 1 to 1.3 and I still play it on occasion. As a whole the spec is very balanced between burst and sustained dps in both PVE and PVP.
Since 1.3 I started using carnage with Gore taken off of GCD. I have noticed there are only 2 burst cycles in this tree the Massace->gore->ravage->force scream and then Beserk -> Gore ->Massacre->vicious slashx5->force scream but the spec is then just filled in with keeping massacre buff up with battering assault and assault. this is prob the area where I feel this spec falls off but this is in my eyes how it was designed.
With Defensive CDs though I feel nigh invincible when fighting anyone 1v1 however when I dont have these CDs I die in under 3 seconds against anymore then 2 ppl. but with Undying i have managed to pop it then kill a Commando in that 6 seconds from full. In this regard if you know your class you can succeed where others think you would have died but if you dont know the full extent of your own class then you well die before you can accomplish what you set out to do.
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