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1) In PVP, we're considered a source of constant frustration because people hate being killed from stealth. It feels like you're unfairly killed before you can really react and you hear overpowered complaints often. In PVE, most seem to consider the class sub par because of low dps or "lack of utility." They're definitely never the first choice to be taken if you have other options.

2) While I feel like my dps is strong, I've not parsed so I don't know for certain. As far as utility, I sap before trash pulls, I can cc droids, and I've saved our tanks many times with some spot heals, combat res, vanish ghetto res (please remove this it's too finicky) so I think we have more than people realize. I think the class can be great, but is difficult to play well so you don't see many of them. I also don't think it feels very Star Wars at all to be punching and pistol whipping enemies with my blaster instead of, you know, firing my blaster.
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