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07.16.2012 , 11:29 AM | #4
I'll answer for two specs, since i swap between both.


1. Basically regarded as the best healing class in the game right now. High mobility, good heals over time, and having a vanish means they can get out a jam if need be.

2. Overall, I think this spec is very good. I do feel like it could use some further tweaking to the AOE heal, since it's not really needed to be competitive in any group content.


1. Really a mixed bag. It's either the most OP class, because you can come out of stealth in an instant and kill within seconds; or it's the worst class due to subpar DPS after the opening burst and lackluster utility skills compared to other classes. Overall, I think most people regard a Scrapper as being not as good as other DPS classes.

2. I'm frequently disappointed while playing this spec. I can deal some damage, but it always feels lackluster comparing myself to Marauders or Powertechs. I also feel like I don't contribute much to the group, since unless I'm healing, all I can really deal is DPS. No sprints, leaps, grapples, group buffs, enemy debuffs all make me think I'd be better off bringing a different class to a group.