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1.) Healing is perceived to just heal. The tools you give me also make it easier for me to heal in PvP.

People perceive damage is to burst folks down.

2.) I perceive healing to help my team capture points.

Damage, I have to make myself an annoyance to the team, since other classes off better damage in WZ's. To do that, Lethality is my preferred spec. One issue with the Operative Lethality is that there isn't much synergy in the tree, compared to snipers. We also have to use more energy to get a Cull off (Shiv+Cull=34 energy), along with having to stay in thick of things in melee range. It feels like the TA mechanic was just thrown on Cull at the last minute so the tree uses TA's and that it's different from the sniper version. At least decrease the energy cost of cull so our Shiv+Cull= 25 energy.
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can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.
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