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Oh yea, all these valor 90+ FOTM rerollers on my team.
How does getting free top pvp gear is making pvp better again? The same have been said about giving people basically free BM gear and did it make pvp better? No. You still see tons of trash players in WZs, you even see some pve'rs doing them for the gear now.
If you are pvp'er the gear will come fast enough, it's the bads or people who only do pvp daily that cry about gear holding them back.
So what if "bads" have decent gear? Does that hurt your ego somehow? Why do you care if everyone has equal gear? Why should it matter. This only proves that you're one of those "bads" and can only beat the other "bads" because you're gear is better. If you weren't, you wouldn't care about their gear being as good as yours.
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