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I don't think the clones had to be 'tricked' at all. The Jedi are terrible leaders. Since they're usually the focus of the story, it's easy to identify with them, but if you take a step back, you can see why the clones wouldn't be thrilled with them anyway.

It's a modern military, yet the Jedi have them doing cavalry charges and running en masse at enemy emplacements. The Jedi go too... but the Jedi are nigh-invulnerable, able to sweet blaster fire aside and dodge with uncanny foresight. The clones they lead just get shot.

In AotC, Mace Windu gets a squad of specially trained commandos. What does he do with them? Do they sneak around, and catch the enemy where they're not looking? Nope; he leads these stealthy demolition experts on a madcap charge to the front lines.

The Jedi are endlessly confident and endlessly reckless. Yoda himself says as much. They answer not to the people of the Republic or any other authority, but instead to a mystical power beyond non-Jedi comprehension. Why should they get to throw people's lives away just because they can make rocks float in the air? Why should they be given command of armies when they have no experience or training in leading them?
I think the same thing, but their military tactics never got much better. Just look at the assault on the Tantive IV