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It seemed that everyone was disappointed when ranked matches were left out of 1.2, but now that they are here with 1.3 there does not seem to be too many of them happening at least not on my server (Bergeren Colony).

The reason I don't participate in them is because I cannot find people that want to, their reasons vary, so I wanted to ask the general PvP populace.

Why aren't you playing ranked PvP matches?

If you are I don't really want to know, but it seems like few are.
1) My expertise level isn't where I want it (I want to get to 1250 first, optimally). I'm at 1215 now.
2) Not enough folks in my guild do it at one time - getting 8 man together isn't easy

I've done 6 pugs and they've all been losses. Not all bad ones, but still. I dunno. I will be doing some more pugging just because it does end up paying slightly better even if losing. Still, losing sucks.
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