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Even if you don't like it much , the films show the Jedi in general show a certain care for their clones lives. In most cases they don't view the clones as sentient beings , but as tools "grown" for the Clone Wars. Its in the CW cartoon which is G-Canon.
Where is it shown that the Jedi regard the Clones as tools?
(Btw, T-Canon. Not G-Canon.)

In the Traviss books , it just shows a different side of the Jedi order and how some went into hiding. Later Jania finds a few Mando's that were actually Jedi or Jedi decendants that escaped the Purge.

Either way , its still a good read.
How many of those Jedi that found refuge with the Mandalorians appeared outside of her books before she used them?

Disregard Traviss when it comes to depictions of Jedi, and especially Jaina.
For some bizarre and completely unexplained reason, the Jedi whom pioneered most of the ways of combatting the Yuuzhan Vong suddenly was incapable of fighting an opponent that couldn't be sensed through the Force, and seemed to have inexplicably lost all her years of fighting skill.
To top it off, for reasons beyond comprehension she had Jaina go to the Mandalorians to learn how to defeat a Sith. Not her uncle Luke Skywalker, the greatest Jedi to have lived and most experienced member of the Jedi Order when it comes to combatting the Dark Side and its practitioners, but Space Vikings/Spartans/Hero Farmers who have an incredible record of failure against the Jedi Order in the past, and never even fought the Sith.
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