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If you're doing Ranked WZs for the Rated commendations, then chances are, you've already lost because you're not in full WH. There's a significant difference in gear now between fully augmented WH and non-augmented BM gear.
BM can be augmented. Why does no one factor that in whenever they do stat math on the gear difference? A lot of folks have BM/WH mix, all augmented, which is pretty viable.

Farming Rated WZs for Rated commendations is also not really what they were intended for. They were intended for a higher level of competitive PvP where the intention is to win, not to lose your way through the Rated commendations grind.
Then Bioware shouldn't have made it the fastest way to obtain the gear you need for competitive play. They probably didn't "miss" this, they are probably encouraging ranked participation. If both factions are running some pug teams, it should be fair, no? Perhaps all that is needed is better match making.

The other major problem I forgot to mention in my earlier list is that there is currently no penalty for a team quitting a losing match to avoid losing Rating. So if you happen to be outplaying a better Ranked team, chances are they will all quit the match the moment they realize they can't win. Ranked WZs will never mean anything until this is addressed.
I am reasonably certain this not true. From the moment the ranked queue pops, if you decline the queue or leave the match for any reason, including a disconnect, your rating is impacted exactly as it would have been if you'd lost. Anyone confirm?