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When YOU rolled imperial cause you JUST HAD TOO cause <insert short sited selfish reason here>... YOU CHOSE TO NEVER EVER HAVE MEANINGFULL OPEN WORLD PVP. GG!

and NO if you were republic you couldn't fight 10 on 1 and win... try it if your so sure you could.

If your not happy about this... REROLL REPUBLIC WITH A BUNCH OF FRIENDS.

otherwise help us fix the Warzones then we'll push for big Wz's... like 100 on 100 and that will feel like OWPVP but without the issue that Impreial outnumber Republic at insane game destroying rates.
That's not true everywhere, like my server. There's far more Republic who PvP on my server than Imperials, and the population balance slightly favors them as well. There's also ways to artificially manage population imbalances for world PvP that other MMOs have already successfully implemented.