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07.16.2012 , 10:51 AM | #2
1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?

In regards to the darkness spec (31/0/10 the one I use), most people perceive it as using DPS gear (in pvp) as the tanking aspect (and gear) of it in pvp situations isn't that great. People see this class as an alternative and often better, DPS class (other than pure darkness or a hybrid mentioned in these forums). People at least acknowledge me as a ball carrier or that I am a good guarder. As well, other classes no longer view it as a viable tank in PvE as many operation bosses use damage types that go through the shield, which means the other tanks incur less damage, which depending on the situation, a tankassin cannot recover from too easily with self heals.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

I simply perceive it as a tank spec. The war hero survivor gear I use seems to encourage the use of DPS (lower endurance, higher willpower) and I find that in PvP I am not so much considered a tank, but a person with a little more survivability and some DPS. Sure the 1.3 nerf did hurt DPS wearing tankassins, but I think it hurt tank geared tankassins mostly to do with their own role (both in PVE and PVP).