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If anyone can answer these queries, it would be much appreciated .....

1. In Civil War, I was being called a retard for choosing the wrong speeder after a death but it looks to me that they end up at the same point or am I missing something ? 3 Areas, I believe they call them middle, grass and snow. So speeder choice taking you closer to where the action is, be it snow or grass, etc ? Didnt quite get that ...
2. Voidstar ..... It looked like a complete draw at 1 stage (twice) and the Imperial side took the cake .... does that sound right ?
3. I figure its a good thing to go for the opposition healer(s), but I find it difficult to distinguish who the healer is, is there a common way of knowing yourself, who the helaer(s) are ? Is it just a case of - he or she is a SAGE, so its likely he or she is a healer rather than a DPS (example) or hes a Commando, so its possible he or she is healer ? I found it really handy when it was marked by a team member but seems to be rare. I guess Im after a popular indicator that will help me mark them out (when not marked) ............ (I can see who is who in my team obviously - OP Frames)
4. Huttball - Is it a good strategy to have 1 team member at each end ? Last line of Defence and someone you can pass to for an easy run into goal or is that a bit of a lazy seagull attitude ? and the rest doing what they can all over the field, kind of thing
5. In general pvp terms ? when you have a team, where most do not know each other or are unfamiliar with each other ?, what would you consider a solid basic strategy. 1 leader, everyone follow his/her instruction ?
1. Notice that there are two windows when you are in the start area. Normally there is one speeder at each window, it leads to the raised middle area. IF your team controls either the left or right turret (grass/snow, you can tell by the terrain), a speeder appears to the LEFT of the speeder at the left window OR to the RIGHT of the speeder at the right window. These should always be used when your team needs defense on the sides.

2. It's normally whoever gets the farthest or whoever gets there fastest, but if neither team opens the first door it's either first on offense or first on defense who always wins. (Someone correct this please.)

3. When healing, healers will be standing still and will be reasonably far away. Look around if you see someone's (especially your target's) health bar going up in spikes. Look for the 3 healer classes - sage, scoundrel, commando - and watch what they're casting. Learn to look at castbars - lots of green colors on their castbar icons or on their characters (like the Commando's healing laser) mean they're healing.

4. Don't leave people in the back, and it's hard to move all the way to the enemy endzone without dying. Keep your team together, especially while moving the ball. Move ahead or upstairs when you can make yourself clear for a pass and/or a run to the goal.

5. In Voidstar, if one person calls out which door to attack and where to send stealthers, etc., everyone usually agrees. In Civil War, pretty much anyone can suggest a specific strategy of which towers to cap, and people usually listen if someone takes the initiative. In Huttball and Novare, there aren't really any specific strats that can be pulled off by a non-premade group, so there isn't much of a point in strategizing there.