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For this week, I combine the prompts! Ha ha! “Catching Up” and “Mixing it Up”:

Title: Sure, I Know a Guy

Wherin Kirya Bilali, a Twi’lek smuggler, seeks to hire a bounty hunter to deal with her semi-ex-husband, and discovers an interesting fact about Major Valden Greyson, her good friend in the Republic Military.

Characters: Kirya Bilali (my smuggler), Valden (friend’s trooper), Andalar (friend’s bounty hunter).

The class stories provide background wallpaper here, so there are some casual spoilers scattered throughout for Planetary, Smuggler, Trooper and Bounty Hunter stories. Timeframe would be in an interlude between Hoth and Belsavis; I don’t think I referenced any events past Belsavis. Sorry about any confusion. In-game, our smuggler and trooper already finished the class stories, but the bounty hunter just started Belsavis. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what happened where and when, especially relative to other class’ events.

This was much more lighthearted in my head when I was thinking about it, but seemed to kind of take a dark turn in the end. Funny how things change when I sit down to write it out.


Is it possible to tag a spoiler just for my story? This is a spoiler for this piece specifically: