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When did the devs state that Revan survived? Must have missed a post..
Not the devs but a lead writer (well, actually ex lead writer but he was not fired, but left the company on his own to have more time for 'other things').

Q: Did Revan really fall to the dark side again? How come he wants to commit genocide and exterminate the whole race? And how is that possible that Republic is supporting him in doing so - it's against all principles that the jedi believe in. And there are jedi aboard the foundry, along with republic troops.

A: Revan always walked on the edge of light and dark, and being corrupted by the Emperor's presence for 300 years did push him over in that direction. However, that doesn't mean he can't be redeemed again later - remember, you never see him die; he just vanishes. We left that door open on purpose.
Link to the full interview:
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