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I love the dialog in the flashpoint instances in particular. I did Esseles early on with my guild, right after we RPed the guild formation. I think I had more fun doing the conversations than anything else... waiting to see who would win the die roll, and curious as to what their responses would be. It helped that we had 3 different classes, and the repeated class (consular) were male and female so 4 completely different voices. Although I play a pure sort of Light Side Jedi... I found myself hoping the smuggler would win the die rolls because she was picking options that gave her hilarious dialog... I practically fell out of my chair laughing at some of them.

I think it really helps that we are a RP guild.... because one of the things that made me smile and laugh the most is that the dialog choices were, with one or two small exceptions, exactly what I pictured those characters saying if their players had typed the dialog in longhand themselves. Same with my own character. We all said this after the instance... there was a glitch or two, and one very odd response that didn't fit the choice the player made, but overall, we felt like we were roleplaying throughout the instance, because of these scenes.

BW said they wanted to bring the RPG back into MMORPGs, and after playing the first couple of flashpoints, I have to say, they did it. I'm very much enjoying it.
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