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In all honesty it depends on how discerning of a reader you are. If you're just looking for more story about SWTOR I'd recommend sifting through your codex. If you're looking for some nice, cheap entertainment without too critical of a literary bend then the other TOR books would be good, bane trilogy + the malgus book. One of the most entertaining books you'll read by leaps and miles will be the one about Darth Plageuis, though it might not stimulate your TOR addiction as its a bit far in the future.

I will include this very important caveat; if you are a regular reader of pretty well written novels and are hoping for high quality literature, steer clear of a majority of the star wars books. there are a few diamonds in the rough, so-to-speak, but for the most part people writing in star wars are there because the IP guarantees a decent sales figure, such as mister Karpyshyn.