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The problem with making EU books into movies is that they are way to big and imaginative. Rereading Heir to the Empire recently I kept being taken away by the big scenes and action that were described. Just the amount of stuff that happens in it is so hard to fit into a movie, let alone get it right. Or they could be like game of thrones and be 10 hours per book (if only). If you look at a lot of the comic adaptations of the books, they lose a lot of the material.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings. As a standalone movie I think that Darth Bane would be my first pick. It is one of my favorite SW books. It's pretty separated from everything else, so it's not like suddenly making a movie in the middle of the Vong war, or at the end of Caedus's rule. It has tons of characters that haven't been acted before, and the ending would be crazy.

If I could get a TV show though, I'd like to see the Tales of the Jedi or Junior Jedi Knights as a series. I'm a big fan of Kevin Anderson and his wife's work. It had lots of nice little stories that would be great for episodes, while still had a great overall arc and plot to them.