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What, you mean the author who created Jedi characters that weren't Jedi, but Mandalorian fetishists?
Who used her works to force her anti-Jedi agenda on the readers by having her characters all spout her anti-Jedi views.

They only give the Traviss point of view.
Some Jedi *Read: Bardan Jusik* are OK, but most of them are glory hounds.[/quote]

I suppose the other Jedi whom you deem to be OK are, like Jusik, also creations of Traviss.
Traviss is the only one to have characters calling the Jedi "Glory Hounds", and doesn't actually provide any proof.

Skirata, another Traviss creation.
The only times Jedi are denegrated and misrepresented in a manner contrary to the truth (concerning their conduct and manner during the Clone Wars), is by Traviss and her characters, even when they're supposedly Jedi ones too.

A "slave" army that they didn't know about, and actively encourage their individuality as living beings, instead of treating them as disposable cannon fodder.[/QUOTE]

Even if you don't like it much , the films show the Jedi in general show a certain care for their clones lives. In most cases they don't view the clones as sentient beings , but as tools "grown" for the Clone Wars. Its in the CW cartoon which is G-Canon. In the Traviss books , it just shows a different side of the Jedi order and how some went into hiding. Later Jania finds a few Mando's that were actually Jedi or Jedi decendants that escaped the Purge.

Either way , its still a good read.
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