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I agree with everything in this post! If you haven't, read all the Republic/Imperial Commando books by Karen Traviss. They are great reads, and really illustrate the plight of the clone spec forces, and give you a good point of view. This is why my sniper, while nearly all LS, takes DS to kill Sith, as often as he can. Some Jedi *Read: Bardan Jusik* are OK, but most of them are glory hounds. To quote Captain Ordo Skirata concerning Kenobi "Cody may think the sun shines out of his hear, but I think he's a glory hound who wastes to many men" (Not verbatim). The Jedi just need to get their heads out of their shebs and realize that they are leading a slave army. *End rant*
You also have to take into account that the Council was in debate (even if we don't agree with it IRL , see it in that universe) that the clones weren't human and could be used as fodder to end the war fast. Some Jedi didn't take this view and actually cared about their clones , thus why some of the clones refused to follow the order. Others squandered their clones in sensless battles and were heavlily disliked by their clones ( Mundui was one of them with the worste death ratio of all Jedi commanders)
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