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07.15.2012 , 01:20 AM | #1
Is it just me or does is seem as though the game play has gotten worse instead of better? I logged on today for the first time since update 1.3 went live and I will say I am not impressed with this game anymore. I've always thought the story was little boring but the PVP Warzone kept me coming back. However, today I was in the middle of a warzone and I ran into an area with action and my Jedi wouldn't even draw his lightsabers! This is really irritating because I had to run away from action to make them draw and was killed before I could even hit anybody. Then again after respawning it happened I had somebody come around a corner and start fighting me and again I died before being able to attack at all. This is absolute crap! EA you have always had a thing for broken games and I keep giving you a chance for your track record of amazing games but at this point it time for MMO's I think I'm going to be taking my business to GW2 and other F2P's that have better mechanics and story line than SWTOR and as far as P2P I may even be giving (and my soul cries about this) WOW a chance now that you have officially ruined this game! FIX IT OR MAKE IT FREE!