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Sorry, everyone. I thought this mission was dead long ago, but anyway, this is more of a Sith mission.
Here is my character:

Species/Race: Kaleesh
Name: Esiu
Middle Name: eyo
Last Name: Q'ram
Nickname: Lord Ira
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14 BTC
Place of Birth: Kalee
Age: 27
Height: 6'3" ft
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color/Style: n/a
Facial Appearance: Ira bears the typical long face of a Kaleesh, but one of his jaw-tusks are broken as the other is decorated with a jeweled ringlet. Underneath his mumuu war mask, he bear a scar that run down his right eye and stop by his right tusk.
Eye Color: Pale gold with red speckles
Body Appearance: Tall and muscular from constant training and battle, Esiu bear many scars from his training and battle on his red-orange scales, they have no influence on his abilities.
Home Planet: Korriban
Current Residence: Fury-class Imperial Interceptor Endless Void
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Profession: Sith Warrior
Armor/Clothes: Ira wear the standardized armor of a Sith warrior; a reinforced gray bodysuit plated with black armor that protect his vital areas, with white tribal carvings on his armor, but he leave his clawed fingers and feet somewhat exposed. Over it, he wear a red-trimmed black armorweaved cloak with a cowl. Like most Kaleesh in the galaxy, he wear a tradition mumuu war skull decorated with sith markings.
Primary Weapon(s): Saberstaff
Secondary Weapon(s): Lightsaber
Miscellaneous Item(s): Wrist-vibroknife

Biography: Born as a son of a fallen Kaleesh general during one of the Empire's conquests, Esiu eyo Q'ram was taken by the Sith to be trained as a Sith Warrior at a young age, allowing him to harbor hatred and vengeance against the Empire, fueling his passions for training. In the years of his training, the Kaleesh started to respect the Empire for its strength and unyelding might, and became a vicious tool against the Republic and all who dared question the Empire, earning the name Ira for his constant thirst for battle.

Trained under the mysterious Sith Lord Darth Penthus, Esiu became a skilled duelist at a young age, specializing in his master's deadly mixture of Makashi, Shien, and Juyo, but adapting Niman and Jar'kai into it for his double-bladed lightsaber, and had a incredible knowledge of the Force, dark and light.

Over the years as a Sith Marauder, Ira have gained the honor code of a warrior, regardless of his ruthless and fatalistic output, caring not that he dies but he dies for a cause. Most of the time unwilling to kill the innocent, he is viewed as a thinking weapon by most Sith, but he is still a weapon nonetheless.
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."