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07.14.2012 , 04:00 PM | #13
Thanks for all the tips, guys! I went on a big trip after I made that thread and didn't get a chance to get back.

I managed to solo this quite easily, first with Corso (looong fight) and then Risha (still long, harder to heal, but made it). It was a great exercise.

My next goal is to do this as dps (hopefully manageable if I put my Rakata level gear on my healer). However, I only have one interrupt and no leaps, charges, or speed increases. I'm fine against champs with boss immunity as I have 2 stuns at my disposal, which I can just rotate between my 12 sec interrupt. You're right about full auto - that is a crazy strong attack. Also, I think I would go as dirty fighting spec, because it's impossible to get behind the boss, and my favorite spec (scrapper) is too dependent on back blast.

@Stormrane: Your video is awesome. I've recently decided upon trying to solo the entire heroic, too, not just skip the mobs.
I'm a little worried that I have less interrupts and effective defensive cooldowns than sentinals, though. However, I figure if I'm heal specced AND I use a heal companion, I can keep HoT's rolling on myself, use my interrupts and cc's, and pull just enough dps to down mobs before the cc breaks on others. I'll update this thread if I manage to do it, or I get really close and ask for some advice.