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07.14.2012 , 06:21 AM | #1
I know that there is lots of thread about it and i just wanna say that Bioware's community service and technical service sucks really They are saying patience HELLL WHAT ? I PAY this game for 90 DAYS AND DAYS PASSING and show PATIENCE ? WHAT the hell is this ? My ticket answers come for 1-2 hours in first day second day they gave me new ticket that i must wait 10 days again hell no if you say be patience give us the days we cant play. Is this what you guys now be patience let the Fkin days passed and dont play game even our technical service dont know that how to fix a simple launcher. The best thing is you should make must be close this game forever. I become hating Star Wars in just 2 days that why did them make a deal with no skilled company. JUST FIX THIS LAUNCHER DONT SAY LOOK OUR THREAD THEY ARENT WORKING. If you are a costumer and having this issue dont waste your time just look for another game that FREE and WORKING