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I went Combat Tech with Combat Medic for the extra 3 sec shield. It's a pretty nice boost. PT's get a great crit bonus to all their abilites so you are correct crit is pretty meh for us. Aim > Power > Surge are the three stats you should focus on.

I will have to look at the difference between WH and Battlemaster power generators. I wonder why it's better?
I would sugest droping AIM mods for Power, especialy for PVP. Let me explain why:

Each power mod gives you higher damage boost than aim mod (still giving you the slight crit bonus from aim).
Now you have a soft cap on aim 1550, and the hard cap of 1800. With this in mind, you should go for maximum power and decent amount of crit bonus (from aim). Since CRIT from aim is soft caped and hard caped with above degrees, and you benefit more in terms of damage from power high mods (mods with 37/39 power), it is better to bring aim as low as you can before buffing, to get more crit rate per point, and have more damage boost then bringing aim to 1800 and handicapping it. My aim after all buffs and rakata stim is 1820. (extra 8% will be enough to breach 1800) but after 1800 you gain little to none crit % from aim, and aim only gives you 0.2 damage per point while power gives you 0.23 per point.

I know it might sound weird, but power "mods" are the BEST ones for every dps.

As for Surge, the theory behind it, is that burst damage is the best way to kill, It spikes creating unpredictable to heal amounts of damage. With this in mind, Surge is after (or aside of) power the best source of this unpredictable damage. Since above statement directs you to power mods, i would also suggest taking 39/41 power +51/53 surge enhancements. (this setup was perfect for pyro/assault spec i had played before and after 1.3). With surge of 78-80% and tactics buff to all crit damage by another 30% (fire pulse, stockstrike and ion pulse), you create an uneasy to predict spike chain that can overburst even a pyro (again my biggest hit from fire pulse was 4500 which gives you an idea what you do considering my High impact bolt on fully buffed and geared assault spec never exceeded 4700 after 1.3)

As for set bonuses i feel 15% stockstrike bonus is still a king (especially if you can bring crit damage on SS to 4k).
this 15% crit bonus helps to maintain ammo free 4k hits on enemy.
Hope it helps
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