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I guess these could be Spoilers

I was wondering if anyone put any thought into what they could be. I have heard of these

■Pyramid of Assassins - ?
■Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge - Thanaton
■Pyramid of History - ?
■Pyramid of Military Strategy - Vengean
■Pyramid of Intelligence - Jadus
■Pyramid of Science - Hadra

but what are the others and who are the heads of them.
I've speculated about this before, but more about the members than the Pyramids themselves. Pyramid of History sounds like Vowran or Mortis. Pyramid of Assains Sounds like Marr (least likely) or Mortis.

Out of all the Dark Council members Darth Marr intriques me the most I'd love to know what Pyramid hes in control of - We may get an inside look of that In Drew's upcomming book:- Star Wars: The Old Republic: Annihilation as its featuring Marr.

I'd also like to see who has replaced Hadra in the Pyramid of Science as Hadra is supposedly dead now. I'd also like to find out whos replaced Jadus in the Pyramid of Intelligence now that hes been "detained" for lack of a better word. For the Pyramid of Military Strategy I know that Vengean is dead, aswell as Baras who was his predeccesor, and Darth Ahro who was Baras's prdeccesor. So It'll be intresting who takes over that Pyramid now - That to me sounds like Marr, but it wouldn't make sense as hes been on the council for decades and obviously has a Pyramid of his own.